Clawson Certified Pre-Owned

Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Program

Exclusively available at Clawson Truck Center is the Clawson Certified Pre-Owned program. Buying a Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle provides peace of mind knowing that your vehicle was thoroughly inspected and ready for worry-free ownership. Every vehicle must pass our thorough 182-Point Inspection before being reconditioned and offered as our Exclusive Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

Why Buy?

All Clawson Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are inspected by an ASE-certified technician, who tests the vehicle for cosmetic repairs, interior, and exterior repairs, and repairs under the vehicle. We also check tires, brakes, and perform a test drive.

At this time, all maintenance and necessary repairs are made. Our 182-Point inspection is completed and each vehicle that passes our thorough testing becomes a Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle and is covered by our Exclusive Warranty.


  • Vehicle is 6 years old or newer.
  • Has 85,000 miles or less.
  • May still be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Vehicle History Report provided.
  • 2 Oil Changes included. *

Your Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle purchase is eligible to purchase our 7-year/100,000-mile Exclusionary Warranty.

*Up to two complimentary oil changes within the first year of ownership.
**Certain makes and models may be excluded from the Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Warranty: See your Clawson Honda representative for further details.

This webpage is a general overview of the Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Program. Please consult the warranty provisions for detailed terms and conditions. Administrative services for the Clawson Certified Pre-Owned Warranty are provided by Dealers Assurance Corporation California License #OE40854. Dealers Assurance Corporation is also the issuing administrator for service contracts in all states.

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