Vehicle Protection Plans

At Clawson Truck Center, we want the same thing you want– to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as you need it. Trucks need care and protection, so we offer a wide variety of vehicle protection plans that allow you to pick and choose what you need. If you experience a maintenance issue or your vehicle breaks down, a vehicle protection plan can help you avoid the financial difficulties that might come with paying for repairs out of pocket. If your vehicle is stolen, the set payment of a theft protection plan can help to mitigate the loss. From Multi-Guard Protection Plans to Gap Insurance, you and your vehicle will always be well looked after when you shop at Clawson Truck Center.

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R.E.D. Alert

R.E.D. Alert stands for Rear End Deterrent Alert. This system helps to keep other drivers from rear-ending you in the event that you need to stop short by causing your third brake light to pulsate when you hit the brakes hard. This warning to the drivers behind you will help them to act in those crucial seconds, helping to avoid road collisions and keep everyone safer, while also keeping your vehicle safe from damage.

Gap Insurance

The financial implications of a severe car accident are nothing to be taken lightly, so having a plan like Gap Insurance in place is always smart, just in case. Gap Insurance protects you from significant financial loss in the event that you are in a severe collision or accident and need to buy or lease a new vehicle.

Pinnacle Key Plus

Losing your car keys is something that can very quickly go from a minor hiccup in your day to a major obstacle in your life. Your key or fob is missing or not working, Pinnacle Key Plus can pay up to $1,000 to have it replaced. Additionally, this plan comes with 24/7 roadside assistance benefits for other lost keys, and transportation benefits to help you if you need to arrange alternate transportation or meals and accommodations, up to $100 a day for three days if you break down more than 100 miles from your home.

Vehicle Theft Protection

While you always hope that it never happens to you, vehicle theft is a danger that car owners must always take seriously. Along with taking preventative measures like being diligent about locking your doors and being careful where you park, you can rely on a theft protection plan to provide a set payment if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered.!

Multi-Guard Protection Plan

If you want to cover your bases without juggling multiple plans, a Multi-Guard Protection Plan might be just what you need. Things like tire and wheel protection, rental car reimbursement, windshield repair, emergency roadside assistance, and more are covered in a plan like this and help to keep you and your vehicle running in difficult situations.

Vehicle Service Contract

Reimbursement for rental cars and emergency roadside assistance like towing, battery jumps, flat tire changes, and lockouts will help to take the stress out of getting help or getting your vehicle repaired.


Never underestimate the value of knowing where your car is at all times. This can help to locate your vehicle in instances of theft, but it’s also helpful if you have a teen driver, as this allows you to receive alerts if the speed limit is exceeded or if the driver enters a space that you’ve set as a no-drive zone. Knowing when and how your vehicle is being driven can help to keep you and your family safe from theft or accidents.

For more information about our protection plans, don’t hesitate to contact Clawson Truck Center today. A member of our staff can help to guide you through the process!